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Podia Active

Price €19.95
PODIA insoles with corrective surface to help muscular problems. Ideal when you have to stand for long periods of time or be on your feet all day.

Isopolaire Gold

Price €6.50
These warm insoles protect your feet from extreme cold. They have an aluminised film to isolate from cold and a polar knite to make your feet...

Confort +

Price €5.00
Sports insoles for extra comfort when walking or running, antibacterial treatment to stop unpleasant odours appearing. Shape adapted to sports...

Heel pads

Price €6.95
These indispensable leather heel pads are shock absorbent and comfortable for sensitive heels.


Price €5.60
Comfortable insoles with scented, antibacterial micro-capsules to keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

Leather non-slip pads

Price €3.99
Leather non-slip pads to protect heels from rubbing and blisters. Your feet don’t slip in your shoes and your tights don’t run.


Price €4.80
Warm, comfortable insoles with antibacterial treatment.  Goodbye to frozen feet and unpleasant odours.


Price €5.95
Non-slip insoles with gel to protect the back of your foot from blisters and rubbing and stop your shoes falling off.

Junior wool

Price €5.50
Pure wool insoles to keep feet warm and cosy. Top protection against the cold and snow.

Podia Balance

Price €20.90
PODIA insoles with corrective surface to improve balance and limit the risks of falls. Ideal for avoiding sprains and muscle pain while walking...

Soft & Fresh Junior

Price €5.95
Semelles avec éponge coton parfumées, fraîches, antibactériennes pour lutter contre les mycoses et les bactéries responsables des mauvaises odeurs...

Soft & Gel

Price €16.95
With these gel insoles you will feel like you are walking on a soft and spongy cushion.