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Fresh Weekly 4 pairs

Price €5.95
Remember to keep your feet clean and healthy. 4 pairs of soft, ultra-thin insoles in absorbant cotton, with fresh, delicately-scented...

Leather and activated...

Price €9.00
This is a pack of 2 pairs of leather insoles with latex foam. These insoles can be put in all types of shoes du to their thiness. The latex foam...

Memory Foam Insoles

Price €12.50
These comfortable memory foam insoles make your walk better. The memory foam take its original shape after each use to give you the same comfort...

Soft & Fresh

Price €6.50
Insoles with scented terry cotton for antibacterial freshness. Pleasant anti-perspirant effect for bare feet in the summer. Very comfortable.

Fresh Alum insoles

Price €5.80
Comfortable insoles with naturally antibacterial alum stone to fight odour and perspiration.  For size from 46 to 51, please wright us  here  ! 

Slipper insoles for boots

Price €10.95
This slipper is made to protect your feet from hardness of rubber boots. Il makes them very comfortable. Real slipper-style insoles to slip in...


Price €6.80
Terry cotton insoles absorb perspiration and odours, ideal for bare feet that perspire excessively in the summer.

Shoe deodorant

Regular price €4.95 -30% Price €3.47
Deodorant to put in your shoes or in the cupboard. 2 months of minty freshness to stop unpleasant odours.
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Carbowool insoles

Regular price €5.60 -20% Price €4.48
These pure wool insoles are very warm and comfortable, and absorb unpleasant odours. They are very fine to keep your feet warm when temperatures...
Voûte élégance
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Arch Elegance

Regular price €12.40 -30% Price €8.68
Leather insoles with arch support for the comfort of tired feet.

Sanoe Vera

Price €7.40
Comfortable insoles with soft, Aloe Vera-treated microfibre to soothe hot, irritated feet. Pure relief for sore feet!
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Podia Active

Regular price €18.95 -20% Price €15.16
PODIA insoles with corrective surface to help muscular problems. Ideal when you have to stand for long periods of time or be on your feet all day.