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Soft & Fresh Sport

Price €6.50
Sport insoles in terry cotton absorb perspiration and unpleasant odours. Very comfortable for sports activities. Adapted to the shape of trainers.

Loofresh Sport

Price €6.95
Sports insoles in terry cotton and vegetal fibres to absorb perspiration and unpleasant odours. Shape specially adapted to trainers.

Confort +

Price €5.00
Sports insoles for extra comfort when walking or running, antibacterial treatment to stop unpleasant odours appearing. Shape adapted to sports...

Special large sizes

Price €6.30
Insoles for large shoe sizes. To keep your feet comfortable when walking or running, antibacterial treatment to prevent unpleasant odours....


Price €7.60
Arched sports insoles to hold your foot in sports shoes. Light and slim.

Form Action 4

Price €14.95
Arched sports insoles and technical inserts to hold your foot and improve your performance.

Super Jump

Price €8.90
Innovative sports insoles for all recreational athletes that absorb shocks to the heel and contribute to momentum at the front.
Rando DCL sport
  • Online only

Hiking Special

Price €20.90
Technical hiking insoles in very soft microfibre to improve balance on any terrain and fight muscle and posture pain. With aloe vera to soothe...
Running DCL sport
  • Online only

Special Running

Price €35.00
Special technical Running insoles: from a Sunday jog to running a marathon. Insoles that improve your balance with inserts that adapt to all types...
Golf DCL sport
  • Online only

Special Golf

Price €25.00
Special technical Golf insoles in soft microfibre. Better balance and precision of movement on all types of terrain. Help to prevent muscle and...
Cycling sports insole
  • Online only

Cycling sports insole

Price €12.90
An insole specially designed for cycling. The rigid front part ensures firm support without energy loss and the semi-rigid arch holds the foot...
Running sports insole
  • Online only

Running sports insole

Price €14.90
Ideal insole for running. Technical materials reduce shocks. Maximum comfort and performance for the athlete!
Sport Co DCL sport
  • Online only

Special Sport Co

Price €23.00
Sport Co special technical insoles for better balance and momentum and to prevent muscle and posture pain. Absorb perspiration.