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Podia Balance

Price €20.90
PODIA insoles with corrective surface to improve balance and limit the risks of falls. Ideal for avoiding sprains and muscle pain while walking...

Soft & Fresh Sport

Price €6.50
Sport insoles in terry cotton absorb perspiration and unpleasant odours. Very comfortable for sports activities. Adapted to the shape of trainers.

Loofresh Sport

Price €6.95
Sports insoles in terry cotton and vegetal fibres to absorb perspiration and unpleasant odours. Shape specially adapted to trainers.
Rando DCL sport
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Hiking Special

Price €20.90
Technical hiking insoles in very soft microfibre to improve balance on any terrain and fight muscle and posture pain. With aloe vera to soothe...
Sport Co DCL sport
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Special Sport Co

Price €23.00
Sport Co special technical insoles for better balance and momentum and to prevent muscle and posture pain. Absorb perspiration.
Running DCL sport
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Special Running

Price €35.00
Special technical Running insoles: from a Sunday jog to running a marathon. Insoles that improve your balance with inserts that adapt to all types...
Golf DCL sport
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Special Golf

Price €25.00
Special technical Golf insoles in soft microfibre. Better balance and precision of movement on all types of terrain. Help to prevent muscle and...


Price €12.80
If your new pumps fall off at every step... Your court shoes are giving you blisters on your heels... Discover the softness and comfort of our...

Latex Foam Multi-Size

Price €3.95
Comfortable foam insoles that make up a shoe size in shoes that are too big.  To cut out around the dotted line of your shoe size, (size 35 to 46).
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Price €9.90
Seam-free tubular protection covered with silicon gel for toes. Prevents calluses, blisters, corns and hammer toes. Pack of 2