For several years, we have been a leader in the mass-market retailing of shoe-related articles in France.

However, our experience far exceeds the context of mass-market retailing in France: we have developed a special PPE range for a specialised distributor, some sports brands have worked with us for many years and we also work closely with major mail-order and foreign brands…to give just a few examples.

As well as the usual materials, we are also working with innovative materials with scented microcapsules, antibacterial agents, specific treatments, aloe vera, alum stone, microfibre, Evolon®, technical inserts and antistatic thread… that we sew, glue and thermo-shape.

Our expertise, our knowledge of the shoe accessory market, our supplier sourcing and our integrated production tool make us the ideal partner for your projects.

Don’t hesitate to consult us.